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    British Council
    Photo captions
    Write captions for the funny photos.

  • Siemens Stiftung
    Shark – hearing with the entire body
    Graphic:Slice image of the hearing organ (lateral-line organ) of a shark.The shark as example of an animal that hears mainly with a part of its body surface.Caption:(a) pores(b) inner canals filled with gelatinous fluid(c) sensory cells containing the so called cilia(d) nervesInformation and ideas:The graphic is suitable for comparing the sensory cells in the human ear. Everyday context: methods of electroacoustic recording of sound with normal microphone and surface microphone.Further information on the measuring method “audiometry" is available as information sheet on the media portal of the Siemens Stiftung.Relevant for teaching:Structure and function of a sensory organReception of stimuli and processing of informationSenses discover the environmentSound/acoustics: hearing range, hearing frequency limit

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