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The tropical rainforest

Content package for interactive whiteboards (for middle/high school):
Individual media related to tropical rainforests are compiled here in a meaningful didactic way for teaching using an interactive whiteboard.

All media in the content package for the interactive whiteboard are included in this self-extracting file. The content package can be started simply by clicking the ".exe" file.

The content package consists of the following media:
· 1 photo: the tropical rainforests of French Guiana
· 4 photo collages on: slash-and-burn and road construction in tropical rainforests (each with a satellite image), eco labels, genetic diversity of crops
· 2 schematic diagrams on species diversity and on temperature variation and rainfall in tropical rainforests
· 1 interactive table with data on carbon storage in the biomass and the forests of the Earth
· 1 interactive labeling photo showing the soil characteristics in tropical rainforests
· 2 interactive labeling graphics on the layers and geographical locations of tropical rainforests
· 3 interactive graphics on the topics: trade winds, typical day in a tropical forest, connection between slash-and-burn and the global climate
· 1 interactive mind map on rainforests in general
· 2 interactive multiple-choice tests with questions on general knowledge about rainforests and their destruction
· 1 matching exercise to deepen the students? knowledge of the three levels of rainforest protection
· 5 information sheets on the topics: general characteristics of rainforests, soil characteristics, species diversity, genetic wealth, and consumer tips for rainforest-friendly behavior
· 1 inquiry task on the rainforest pharmacy (with link list)
· 1 role-playing game on the dangers for rainforests
· 1 link list

Information and ideas:
The media in the content package are also available as individual media on the media portal.

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