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Content package for interactive whiteboards:
Individual media related to probabilities are compiled here in a meaningful didactic way for teaching using an interactive whiteboard.

All media in the content package for the interactive whiteboard are included in this self-extracting file. The content package can be started simply by clicking the ".exe" file.

The content package is designed for use in elementary school. It consists of the following individual media:
· 1 photo (cover image) for illustrating relevance to everyday life (dice)
· 1 interactive graphic on probabilities of outcomes of rolling dice
· 2 interactive exercises (cloze test and matching exercise)
· 2 sets of experimentation instructions: Random sample experiment (with answer sheet and teaching method) and dice experiment
· 1 printable worksheet with exercises on probabilities (with answer sheet)
· 1 link list with links to other information on the topic.

Information and ideas:
The media in the content package are also available as individual media on the media portal.

Using the source: «Daten, Häufigkeit und Wahrscheinlichkeit», ISB Munich (2008)