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Frequencies of rolls of the dice (matching exercise)

Matching exercise:
The frequencies and the concepts related to the outcomes of rolling two dice are tested.

Various outcomes (sums of the dots) of rolling two dice are shown (1, 2, 4, 7, and 11). Word cards can be matched by dragging: One set of word cards corresponds to the number of possible combinations for achieving the respective outcome when two dice are rolled. The other set of word cards verbalize whether it is likely, possible, or impossible to achieve the respective outcome.
Word cards that have already been matched can be dragged back or moved among the columns. The solution can be shown at any time during the exercise. When the solution is hidden again, the exercise can be continued from the current status. When all word cards have been matched, the matches can be evaluated by clicking a Check button. Any incorrect matches will be reset and can be matched again.