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Hear, recognize and understand speech (interactive)

Shows how ear and sense of hearing interact. The ear alone is not enough - a little brain is also necessary!

Hearing is not just the reception of the sound but it also involves the processing of the impulses in the brain.
A spoken sentence reaches our ear in the shape of sound waves, it is collected and beamed through the pinna, amplified via the eardrum and the ossicles and it then stimulates the sensory cells in the cochlea. These cells send the impulses along the auditory nerve which conveys the impulses into the auditory centre of the brain.
In the brain, the signals are recognized as words and their meaning understood as a sentence in context with other words.

Information and ideas:
This process should be explained step by step.
It may be useful to make a comparison with a dynamo:
The pedalling on a bicycle moves the dynamo on the wheel, something happens. The impulse is passed on, a lamp lights up; what happens in the hearing process is similar as an impulse is also sent to the brain, and there, too, "a light" goes on.

Relevant for teaching:
Structure and function of a sensory organ
Reception of stimuli and transmission of information

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