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Energy consumption of household appliances

The chart shows the electric power consumption and, in some cases, the water consumption of certain household appliances. The average consumption figures of appliances from 2009 and 2015 are compared.

The chart shows a comparison of the electric power consumption of dishwashers, washing maschines, fridge-freezers, and tumble dryers. The values for 2015 are based on appliances with efficiency class A+++. It is clear that a savings potential of 15 to 40 percent still exists. For example, a 2015 washing machine uses 40 percent less electricity and 15 percent less water on average than a 2009 washing machine.

Information and ideas:
Apart from using state-of-the art technology, people can also save energy when washing dishes, washing and drying clothes, and cooking through energy-aware behavior. What options are there?

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