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Energy Saving: The passive house

Labeled graphic (interactive):
Labeled cross section of a passive house that needs practically no additional heating energy

A passive house is built so that it covers its heat requirement through solar energy and the heat recovered from appliances and people in the house by means of an efficient ventilation system (heat recovery) and optimum heat insulation. For this reason, the passive house ideally makes do without a heating system. In this way, an enormous amount of energy can be saved. The passive house is a further development of the low-energy house. The graphic of the passive house and the labels provide an overview of the construction and advantages.

Information and ideas:
The graphic shows students an example of environmently friendly, energy-saving, and future-oriented construction that reduces the energy consumption and the energy cost of a household. In addition, the"What do private households use energy for?? medium illustrates that heating normally comprises a large proportion of the energy consumption of a household.

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