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The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment: Hear, recognize and understand speech (M/HS)

Information sheet:
The interaction of ear and sense of hearing. The logical stages from sound transduction to decoding of nerve impulses in the brain to understand a sentence.

A simple sentence makes it clear: The hearing process from the perception of sound to actually understanding the content is very complex.
Briefly, the sound waves go through several stages to be converted into neuronal information.
These nerve impulses are decoded step by step in the brain and, by comparing patterns, turned into phonemes, syllables, words and sentences. The meaning of the individual words is recognized through comparison with things from memory. Based on experience and by association with logical and abstract contexts the brain is ultimately able to understand the statement.

Information and ideas:
The animation underlines how complex our brain is and how sense of hearing and ear are related to each other: Hearing is not the same as understanding.

Relevant for teaching:
How hearing functions
Reception of stimuli/processing of information