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Worksheets: The melting glaciers

This teaching module not only looks into the problem of glacial melting, but also at the still largely unknown consequences of this development, such as glacial lake outburst floods. Using two case studies, the pupils examine more closely the impacts on and options for action open to an industrialised country (Switzerland) and a developing country (Nepal).

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Columbus Eye - Live-Bilder von der ISS im Schulunterricht

Canada - Snow, Ice and the Sea

When opening the tool ”Canada”, the ISS-panorama will appear, showing the region Saskatchewan and the almost fully frozen Tobin Lake. Moving eastwards you will spot Lake Winnipeg as well as partly ice- and snow-covered regions until you reach Fjord Saguenay in the east, located north of Québec. A video of formerly 9 minutes - the time it took for the ISS to fly over this region - was used to create this panorama.