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Link list for the media package "Humanitarian aid - drinking water filters in use"

Link list: Many interesting links on the topics of "Drinking water shortage", "Humanitarian aid", and "Membrane filters". Information and ideas: Equally suitable as a source for Internet inquiry for teachers and students alike.

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Household water treatment and safe storage in emergencies

Web resource:
Short, illustrated instructions from the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on how to prepare drinking water in the home using simple methods (disinfection, sedimentation and filtration).

The brochure first of all provides information about the criteria for testing the water quality. It stresses the importance of drinking water treatment and of storing water hygienically and then describes the individual treatment methods. These are written largely in the form of pictograms so that the treatment methods are also understandable for the illiterate.

Information and ideas:
Some of the drinking water treatment methods shown here provide suggestions for freehand experiments.