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Training of senses

A girl is shaking a film container in order to identify the content of the container by means of the noise.

This photo shows a situation from a listening memory game. The game involves the ability to remember and recognize things.

Information and ideas:
This is how the game is played:
Different materials like sand, rice, dried peas, pebbles or stones, flour etc. are filled into empty film containers, two containers for each material. Now the players have to match the pairs by identifying the material inside the containers by shaking The whole game can be played with teams of two partners as well. Each player gets a film container and has to go round and compare the sounds made when the containers are shaken and thus find his or her partner.
(Tip: Label all the containers on the bottom,
for example with colored dots so that the pairs can be clearly recognized again.)

Relevant for teaching:
The human body
Structure and functions of a sense organ
Senses discover the environment